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The Doable City Reader



adjective, informal: capable of being done or carried out

There is so much that can be done to make our cities happier, healthier and more prosperous places. Some of those things will take years or decades to happen. But others can happen right now.

They are happening. Every day in cities around the world citizens and city planners alike are showing us how small actions can scale up to have massive impact. And they can in your city too.

That’s what the Doable City Reader is about. In 2014, 8 80 Cities took on the goal of helping people learn how to kickstart change in their communities. First they launched the Doable Neighbourhood Project in Ontario, an initiative funded by the Government of Ontario to support communities in developing practical and affordable neighbourhood interventions. Then in June, 2014 they collaborated with the Knight Foundation to bring two hundred civic innovators from around North America together in Chicago at the Doable City Forum to share and discover methods for rapid change making. The Doable City Reader is inspired by the rich conversations amongst presenters and participants at that forum. It is a resource for any and all people who want to make change in their cities and is meant to educate, inspire and empower anyone to do so.

The Reader has many layers of information. You can dig as deeply into them as you like by clicking the plus signs you’ll see along the way as you read through the different chapters. At the bottom of each chapter you’ll find related real-life stories of how people have gone about changing their cities for the better.

Their stories tell us that changing our cities isn’t easy. If it were, someone else would already have done it. But their stories also tell us that it is doable. Doable doesn’t mean easy. It means possible.

Created in partnership with

8-80 Cities
Discourse Media
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