8 80 Cities Team Is Growing

One of the greatest moments at 8 80 Cities is when we welcome new members to our team. Without a doubt, our two new additions are a very interesting mix of capacities and skills with the common denominator of passion about the work we do.

Candice Leung is a passionate urbanist that takes pride in celebrating the wellbeing of communities. She brings her experience working in both the private sector of city building and community organizing to support various initiatives. Her focus has primarily been on building capacity in civic engagement, equitable transportation, and community-driven design. Her background in studying urban planning as well as social and environmental inequities, continue to inspire her to do the work she does.

Pablo Muñoz is a designer and creative with a passion for community building. Growing up in East Vancouver, he worked in projects to improve the wellbeing of immigrant and refugee communities locally and across the province. As a recent OCAD University graduate he has brought interactive art installations to public space with the aim of improving urban life.

Welcome to the family, Candice and Pablo!

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