A Look at Permanent Change in Toronto

By Sarah Gifford, The Better Block

In August of 2019, the Better Block went international. While we have worked on projects overseas before, this particular project taking place in Toronto, Canada, along a notoriously busy street called Danforth Avenue, had a uniquely powerful impact not only on the city’s current and future infrastructure but also on the lives of residents, one in particular.

Meet Lanrick Bennett. He is a father of two, living on the east side of the city. His wife, Sabrina, works as a nurse at the Princess Margaret Hospital, about a 25-minute bicycle ride from where they live. For the past six years, she has joined many of her coworkers and friends in bike rallies to raise money and awareness for the fight against cancer.

Lanrick has joined the 8 80 Cities team earlier this year, and the Better Block folks capture his perspective about Danforth East transformation since the pilot took place one year ago.

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