Making a Place for People

Berczy Park

Project Objective

Develop a vision and strategy for transforming a small park in the bustling St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood into the pride of the community.

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  • Date: 2012
  • City: Toronto, Canada
  • Partners: Gehl Architects & St. Lawrence BIA
  • Funding provided in part by: Ontario Government

With little programming and upkeep over the years, Berczy Park has failed to live up to its full potential.

In addition to stakeholder focus groups, we set up fun and informal engagement activities in the park to make sure that we captured voices from all ages and walks of life.

Based on the results of the consultation, some of our recommendations include: expanding the park westward by pedestrianizing Scott Street and creating better connections with the surrounding buildings, introduce interactive water features, add a variety of seating options, introduce play infrastructure for families, etc.

8 80 Cities and Gehl Architects’ report was the first step towards reimagining Berczy Park. This catalyzed an $8 million park revitalization project and bold new park design by Claude Cormier et Associes. Reconstruction of the park began in September 2015 and will be completed in Summer 2016.

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