Wish Flags

This is a quick and fun way to engage passersby about a public space while asking people to make a wish to improve it. Displaying the wishes in a banner also adds some visual excitement and interest to a public space that might not otherwise appear vibrant or interesting.

Time Frame
5 minutes
Group Size
Focus Areas
Streets, parks and public spaces
Age Group
5 and up
Materials List
  • Table
  • Single-hole punch
  • Fabric markers
  • Brightly coloured fabric squares
  • String or twine

STEP 1: Set up the space

Pick a spot in the public space you’re looking to improve that has the greatest amount of foot traffic. Spread out all of the wish flag materials on your table.

STEP 2: Collect wishes

Ask passersby to write down their wishes on the coloured fabric for the space you are looking to improve. Wishes could include anything from a new piece of infrastructure (like a new playground or new bench), improvements to make the space more beautiful, or programming ideas.

STEP 3: Create a banner

Punch holes in each piece of fabric or paper and string each of the wishes together to create a banner. Hang the banner in a highly visible area next to your table set-up, where other passersby can read the wishes.

STEP 4: Start conversations

Use the wishes on display as a conversation starter to engage even more passersby about the space. Use the wish flags and ideas from these casual conversations to inform your final recommendations or actions for the site.