8 80 Cities to Help Build Minimum Grid of Bike Lanes in Victoria, BC

8 80 Cities is proud to announce that we will be supporting the City of Victoria as they begin implementing a comprehensive and accessible bicycle network. The project will be undertaken in collaboration with a powerhouse team of international cycling experts from Urban Systems, Gehl Architects, and Alta Planning+Design. The goal of the project is to help the City identify priority corridors to target investment in a minimum grid of safe and connected bicycle lanes. 8 80 Cities will be guiding an inclusive community engagement and communications process, to ensure the new infrastructure reflects the needs of all residents, cyclists and non-cyclists alike.

We believe that Victoria has all the necessary pieces in place to become one of the best cycling cities in Canada, if not the world. The city is fortunate to have a moderate climate, relatively flat landscape, strong cycling culture, and – most importantly – political leadership behind the project. In July 2015, Mayor Lisa Helps said “Four years from now, after one term of this council that has this vision, things will look very different. We’ll have the ability for eight-year-olds to get on a bicycle in whatever neighbourhood and get to whatever neighbourhood they need by themselves… The thought that makes me happiest is that finally, we’re taking action together.”

8 80 Cities is excited to take action together with the City, our project partners, and local residents to make Victoria a world class city for cycling.

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