8 80 Cities Welcomes Our New Managing Director

We are happy to announce the newest addition to our team. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Lanrick Bennett Jr.!

Lanrick recently joined the 8 80 Cities team as our Managing Director. This new role is key to the development of our work and projects.

Lanrick comes from the non- profit sector with 10 years of experience managing teams and implementing solutions to different challenges.

In the past, Lanrick ran for council representing Ward 14 in Toronto. While campaigning, he has gained lots of experience dealing with municipal affairs, interacting with his community, and his neighbourhood of East Danforth.

Lanrick is an enthusiast of all 8 80 related topics. In his personal life, he has embarked with his son Jackson on an interesting project of discovering all the libraries in Ontario, which has lead them to multiple trips in the province, getting to know new places and understanding the needs and vulnerabilities of communities that could use their libraries in a way that involves the community in a larger extent.

His passion, knowledge, compassion and sense of humour are the fundamental and most important characteristics of his personality. We are sure that our team, partners and clients will find all the support they need for moving our programs and projects forward.

Once again, Welcome to 8 80 Cities, Lanrick!


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