The Doable City Reader. Chapter 1: Making Change: How small actions have big impact

Whereas major overhauls to public space can be expensive, risky and take a long time to execute, smaller scale changes can be just as effective. By starting out with low cost, low risk, but high visibility initiatives, we can immediately begin to transform and improve our cities within days or even hours.

The first chapter of the Doable City Reader—a resource for any and all people who want to make change in their cities—offers solutions scalable to cities of all sizes. These projects generate credibility and empowerment amongst citizens and pave the way for bigger city transformations.

The Doable City Reader was developed out of the June 2014 Chicago Doable City Forum, which brought together two hundred civic innovators from around North America. Inside, you’ll find stories, examples and case studies of small actions that can scale up to make our cities happier, healthier and more prosperous places. Each chapter contains resources and ideas to bring these solutions to your communities.

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