Meet Our Board of Directors Series

Continuing with our Meet Our Board Blog Series, we want to introduce our amazing board members  Jared Kolb, Patricia Wood and Jordana Wright.

We are continuing to build a dream team of professionals that not only believe in our mission but are also leading the conversation in their fields on the 8 80 philosophy, diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are excited to have their expertise, values, and drive to push forward the mission of 8 80 Cities.

We invite you to meet them.

Jared Kolb
Jared is an experienced partnerships builder and government strategist with a decade of senior leadership experience in the private and non-profit sectors. Before joining Digital Main Street, Jared was the Executive Director of the cycling advocacy organization CycleTo.

Patricia Wood
Patricia is a Professor of Geography and co-founder of the City Institute at York University, with expertise in citizenship and identity, attachment to place, activism, and cities, particularly issues of mobility and governance. She also writes an urban affairs column for the Spacing magazine website.

Jordana Wright
Jordana is the Management Director at ActivateSpace, a placemaking and community development practice specializing in introducing new audiences to their local churches while helping congregations reach their sustainability goals and expand their social impact. For the past ten years, Jordana has been leading dynamic placemaking and community development projects across sectors and silos. She finds herself especially energized by the bold strides ActivateSpace has made to preserve churches as essential community assets while expanding their responsiveness to changing local contexts.

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