Our New 5-Year Strategic Plan!

In the Fall/Winter of 2021, 8 80 Cities’ Board of Directors and staff began the journey to sunset our previous five-year Strategic Plan and to move towards the creation of this new 2022-2027 Strategic Plan. During this time, we collaborated to develop strategic priorities to propel 8 80 Cities into the future.

It was also critical to ensure that our Strategic Plan was steeped and centred in equity-driven approaches aligned with and reflective of the world we live in today, and the cities and communities we want to be a part of for future generations.

At the outset of this strategic planning process, our board and staff have been united in our desire to dig deeper and further strengthen our commitment to equity in all that we do. Whether it’s in our project approach and program design or our operations and organizational culture, we want to acknowledge the good work of the past while also having the courage and humility to challenge assumptions and find new and even better ways of moving forward.

As an organization, we’ve always had a knack for attracting fantastic people to support our mission. Folks who have helped shape the 8 80 Cities you see today. Folks with can-do attitudes and that special ‘8 80 spark’ – a quality we would describe as a charming mix of empathy and ambition. We will always challenge the status quo.

We will sometimes be frustrated by the pace of change, but we will always be motivated, hopeful, and optimistic about the future. It’s been 17 years since 8 80 Cities began its journey. The planted seeds have grown over the years, and we’ve both had the privilege to witness, contribute, and help steer this growth. We are proud of where we are today, but even more excited about what lies ahead.

Thank you to everyone who has gotten us this far, and a warm welcome to the anticipated new people, projects, and collaborations that will help us meet our ambitious goals for the next five years.

Read the Strategic Plan here.

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