8 80 Study Tour


Project Objective

To inspire city leaders to adapt Copenhagen’s best practices for enhancing public life.

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  • Date: 2014-2017
  • City: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Partners: City of Copenhagen, City of Malmö, Gehl, Copenhagenize and more
  • Funding provided by: Knight Foundation

Over the past four years, 8 80 Cities has hosted over 100 American decisionmakers on an annual five-day tour of one of the happiest, healthiest, and most engaged cities in the world. 8 80 cities curates a week of engaging lectures, planning workshops and walking and cycling tour featuring some of Copenhagen’s best and brightest urbanists. Study Tour participants are immersed in Danish culture and experience first hand a city dedicated to putting people first.

Through meetings and learning sessions with leaders of Copenhagen’s city staff, architects, service providers and community leaders, participants gain an understanding of the high-level policies and on the ground implementation practices that make Copenhagen work. At the end of the tour, we host a culminating workshop where participants develop action plans for adapting their learnings from Copenhagen to the specific contexts of their home cities.

8 80 Copenhagen Study Tour

Study Tour participants leave re-energized, fresh with new ideas, approaches, and commitments to transform their cities into places where public life can thrive.

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