The Future of

Facer Street

Project Objective

8 80 Cities worked with residents and decision makers to develop a shared vision for the future design and experience of a historical mixed-use street.

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  • Date: 2017
  • City: St. Catharines, Canada
  • Client: The City of St. Catharines

8 80 Cities led an interactive and inclusive community engagement process to understand what design improvements local residents, business owners, and community leaders wanted to see along Facer Street.

Facer Street is a vibrant, mixed-use corridor in the heart of a neighbourhood that is expected to experience intensification. In recent years, community leaders have begun efforts to revitalize the area to make it an inviting destination within St. Catharines. The goal of the Future of Facer Street process was to develop a coherent and collective vision that will guide future revitalization and design improvement projects.

8 80 Cities facilitated a series of collaborative and participatory events – including sidewalk salons, a walking tour, and workshop – and developed an online survey to collect feedback and ideas from residents and key stakeholders across the city.

The process resulted in a clear community vision that will guide future changes along the street. The collective vision, as summarized by 8 80 Cities, states: “Facer Street will be a unique cultural district with beautiful, walkable streets and thriving small businesses.”

8 80 Cities produced a final report with more than 20 design recommendations to help the City of St. Catharines achieve this community vision in the short, medium, and long-term.

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