Make a Place for People

Dundonald Park

Project Objective

Our objective was to develop a vision and strategy to make Dundonald Park a more inviting space for everyone.

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  • Date: 2012
  • City: Ottawa, Canada
  • Partner: Centretown Community Health Centre
  • Funding provided in part by: Ontario Government

In workshops and pop-up public engagement sessions, we heard that many community members actively avoided the park because they felt that it was uninviting and unsafe.

We conducted a public life survey which revealed that children under 18 years old made up only 14% of all park users, so we held an interactive youth workshop to get their perspectives on the issue.

Community ideas included animating the central area of Dundonald Park with: flexible tables and chairs, a water feature, washroom and storage facility, a children’s garden, and community information board.

The community engagements and report galvanized key stakeholders to work together to implement the recommendations. The City of Ottawa reports that the “local residents who care about Dundonald Park are seeing the results of the 8 80 Cities recommendations. What was once a tired public park is now an increasingly more vibrant public space that is being well cared

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