School Streets

School Streets is a program that creates a car-free environment in front of schools at the start and end of the school day to prioritize safe walking conditions for children, their caregivers and teachers.

About this program

For more information on how to plan and adopt School Streets  programs in your community, please contact:

Jiya Benni

Project Manager, 8 80 Cities

School Streets contribute to the well-being of communities by creating safer environments, facilitating independent mobility, improving air quality, encouraging healthier lifestyles, reducing congestion and shaping opportunities for community connections.

School Streets is one of the many programs that fall under the larger umbrella of Active School Travel (AST). Examples of other AST programs include  Bike to School Week, International Walk to School Month, Winter Walk Day.  

Current Projects

Ontario School Streets Pilot  

Ontario School Streets Pilot is a project, in partnership with Green Communities Canada, to pilot School Streets programs in three Ontario communities – Hamilton, Markham and Mississauga – during the 2021-22 school year. Funded through Ontario Active School Travel, the aim of the project is to encourage active travel to school for students, caregivers, parents, teachers and the broader school community.   

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Past Projects

8 80 Streets Mountview

8 80 Streets Mountview was Toronto’s first School Streets pop-up, demonstrating how to create safer roads near schools through programming rather than reconstruction. For four days in October 2019, we created a temporary car-free environment on Mountview Avenue during school drop-off and pick-up times in order to prioritize safe walking conditions for children, parents, and caregivers at Keele Street Public School.

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School Streets Guidebook 

The School Streets Guidebook was developed with the Capital Regional District of British Columbia and the City of Victoria to further communicate what School Streets are and how they can be applied locally. The Guidebook explains what School Streets are, case studies, and a step-by-step outline of School Streets planning.  

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