New Streetsville Village Square

#TBT: Streetsville Main Street Square

In this edition of #TBT, we’re going back to Streetsville, a lovely historic neighbourhood in Mississauga, Ontario.

Back in 2012, with funding from the Province of Ontario, we worked with the City of Mississauga to reimagine Streetsville’s main square. Located centrally in the neighbourhood, it became a natural meeting spot for residents. But many felt it was too small, and neither comfortable nor welcoming because of the surrounding traffic.

8 80 Cites led a public life study and visioning process, where we heard over 600 ideas from residents about the public space. From better seating to greenery to public events, we were amazed by the creativity and enthusiasm of the participants. One resident wrote, “It should be a place where everyone and anyone feels welcome and safe. It should reflect the great community of Streetsville.”

Fast forward to the summer of 2014, the City has completed the retrofitting of the square based on our findings and recommendations. It now has a new name – Streetsville Village Square – and a host of features: curbless sidewalks, a covered stage, bistro-style public seating, iconic yellow umbrellas and more!

This is undoubtedly a great example of the transformative power of unconventional community engagement.


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