Welcome to the 8 80 Archives

We are very happy to introduce the 8 80 Archives, a curated selection of our past work from the last 10 years. We’ve come so far since we started, but we also want to honour our past.

8 80 Cities has been working locally and internationally sharing a universal concept and challenging leaders and communities to think differently about their communities. We’ve worked in over 300 cities, from large metropolitan areas to small towns, with diverse partners and collaborators. We have so much gratitude for all of the amazing people that have helped and supported us along the way!

The 8 80 Archives includes projects on open streets, active transportation, parks, and community engagement. We invite you to browse the projects and hope that they will be useful and fun to explore (as an added bonus you get to see some “vintage” branding and logos).

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Wintermission Buffalo: Building on Neighborly Resi... When we were in Buffalo last month, we heard a theory that its long winters are to thank for its reputation as “the City of Good Neighbors” — when the...
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