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8 80 Streets

Project Objective

8 80 Streets is a project which aims to accelerate action on reducing pedestrian fatalities. The project will transform three sites across Toronto to showcase how quickly design elements can be introduced to create safer, vibrant, human-centered streets.

8 80 Streets Danforth (August 2019); 8 80 Streets Pineway (September 2019); 8 80 Streets Mountview (October 2019)


Amanda O’Rourke
Executive Director
[email protected]
Ph. 416.591.7404 ext. 5
Cell: 647.784.3048

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The Sites

8 80 Streets Danforth

From August 23rd – 24th we transformed one block of Danforth Avenue into a street that exemplifies the City of Toronto’s aspiration to get traffic fatalities down to zero. The pop-up street makeover took place from Woodbine Ave to Woodmount Ave, and it’s the first of its kind in Toronto, and in Canada.

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8 80 Streets Pineway

 Between September 29th and October 4th, 8 80 Cities will build a prototype of a residential street that exemplifies the Citys vision to get fatalities down to zero. The key element you will see on Pineway will demonstrate reducing illegal speeding in residential areas in the city is possible.

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8 80 Streets Mountview Ave.

As part of 8 80 Streets, our third installation will happen on Mountiview, October 28 -31. We’ll create a School Streets pop-up to demonstrate that streets surrounding schools should be safe for everyone, and to demonstrate that we can also use streets for play.

Go to 8 80 Streets Mountview Ave…

For Media Inquiries Contact:

Amanda O’Rourke
Executive Director
[email protected]
Ph. 416 591 7404 ext. 5
Cell: 647.784.3048

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