Evergreen Brickworks

Future Cities Centre Exhibition

Project Objective

Creating an interactive and dynamic exhibition that breaks down the anatomy of Safe Streets.

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  • Date: 2019
  • City: Toronto, Canada
  • Partners: Evergreen Brickworks

The Anatomy of a Safe Street exhibition shares the story of how one community transformed a section of Danforth Avenue into a safe street for everyone.

The 150’’ exhibition space came to life with our exhibition boards, 3D interactive streetscape interventions and a video documenting the process of creating #880StreetsDanforth.

We launched the exhibition at the 2019 Future Cities Canada Summit. The summit attracted hundreds of passionate city builders from across Canada to think critically about cities in 5, 10, 50, 100 years’ time. Leading from the summit, the exhibition has been viewed by many.

The Anatomy of a Safe Street exhibition is located in the TD Future Cities Centre at Evergreen Brickworks Toronto. The revived kiln building and post-industrial demeaner of the space is a complimenting backdrop to the forward-thinking display of what city streets should look and feel like.

The exhibition runs from the beginning of November 2019 to the end of May 2020. The exhibition free and open to the public during Evergreen Brickworks public hours.

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