Open Streets Project

Project Objective

To share information about open streets and increase the number, size, and frequency of initiatives in North America.

Info / Share
  • Date: Ongoing
  • City: Global
  • Partners: Street Plans

The Open Streets Project is an advocacy project and collaboration between  8 80 Cities and Street Plans, who have extensive experience advocating, organizing, advising, and running Open Streets programs across North America and around the world.

We’ve worked in dozens of cities and on dozens of open streets programs around the world. We believe in making information on open streets programs available as widely as possible. Learn more about open streets initiatives here.

The Open Streets Project is part advocacy project, part toolkit, part information database. It’s a one-stop shop for all things open streets related.

Our team can offer aid and guidance to organizations and cities founding or growing their open streets programs. We believe that every municipality, no matter the size, can benefit from open streets. Discover our services.

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